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Business Lodging Cards Cut Costs on Travel

July 12th, 2012 10:59 am

When work crews, project managers, company drivers and small business owners regularly travel the nation’s highways for business, budget-friendly prices and convenience take top priority on the road. Travelers get both when they check in to a hotel with a business lodging savings card.

Savings cards for workforce travel are provided by lodging program management companies that put their business volume to work negotiating hotel savings. Some leading firms serve thousands of clients that book millions of hotel rooms annually. As a result, they can offer corporate lodging discounts for businesses of any size.

Employees who check in with a lodging savings card gain access to deep discounts at a network of thousands of hotels where low, pre-negotiated rates already are in place. Hotel locations typically are along centrally located routes, covering metropolitan areas as well as rural settings. This benefits crews working on installations or repair projects, truckers and pilot car drivers traveling the country’s highways, or specialty businesses attending shows and events.

Presenting a lodging savings card at check-in often guarantees access to any available room, even without a reservation. Walk-in room availability is particularly welcome for rush jobs, unanticipated work delays or route changes that can happen during business travel.

Companies can choose hotels that match their business travel requirements for cost and popular amenities like on-site breakfasts, truck parking and Internet service. It’s easy to find participating hotels when the lodging card provider includes an online search tool to map hotel locations where the card is accepted across North America.

When the workforce lodging program also offers 24-hour traveler support, a handy toll-free direct line always is available for questions. Travelers can call to find out where to stay with their business lodging savings card, get their member rate or seek assistance at check-in.

Many businesses value the account management benefits of business lodging cards, which can make bookkeeping simpler. Companies get e-mail invoices showing what they spent and saved on lodging, and lodging statements remain online for three years for easy reference.

Make Your Next Vacation At A Surf Resort

July 10th, 2012 10:48 am

Taking a vacation is always a good thing. Getting away from the daily grind, getting away from home, and getting away from the people you (may or may not want to) see every day is such a refreshing thing. The problem is, is that a lot of people go on vacation, and they go to the beach, go to the mountains, go somewhere exotic and they just park there for a week, doing nothing but sitting around and checking out local restaurants and stores.

Within all of us is a desire for adventure, a desire to be active, and a desire to experience new things. Maybe the next vacation should be to somewhere a little more exciting. Maybe that next vacation should be to some place with beaches and surf boards and an ocean… are you getting the hint? A surf resort! Fortunately, many surf camps even provide lessons to beginners so it doesn’t matter if a person is a novice, never stepping foot onto a surf board, or if a person is a pro that can hang with the best of them, surf resorts provide people with amazing surf, fun times, good food, and great fellowship.

Surf resorts are resorts built on beaches with some of the best waves in the world. Their locations are chosen so that people can enjoy waves after wave of surfing bliss. These resorts offer trained instructors and professional surfers who will be able to guide and challenge surfers from a wide variety of backgrounds and skill levels. In addition, most surf resorts are all inclusive and offer great selections of food and drink, and even other activities such as a regular pool for those times when people just want to relax.

While it may be considered intimidating to some, there are many people why people choose to learn how to surf. First of all, surfing is considered cool. Now objectively speaking, understand that one hobby is no more inherently “cool” than another, but subjectively speaking, people seem to associate surfing with coolness. Even Hollywood has fun with this idea; how many movies have you seen where a surfer was the stereotypical cool character? If you are traveling, having a surf story for your friends when you get back home will make you seem cool, too.

Secondly, surfing can help keep you in shape. Swimming is a good form of exercise and surfers spend a lot of time swimming out to the waves as well as waiting for the next wave to come. When you’re up on the board your ability to balance comes into play, too.

Third, it’s a great way to meet like-minded people. Maybe you are meeting local beach bums. Maybe you are meeting other travelers who are just learning how to surf for the first time. Either way, you are sharing an experience together and forming bonds.

A person looking for a little bit of adventure should definitely consider checking out a surf resort. It fills a person’s natural craving for adventure, but it also gives a person a chance to just relax and unwind. Vacations should be about doing things out of the ordinary, and nothing is more out of the ordinary than taking a vacation to a surf resort.

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